Location: Jerusalem
Price: on request

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A tour of Jerusalem, an opportunity to see, feel, hear and taste; inhale the aromas of the renascent Eternal City.

Neviim — the Prophets street — which developed parallel to the central Jaffa avenue. At the beginning of the 20th century the Great Powers were competing for the influence in the world, with one of the chief focal points of their struggle being the Holy Land. This resulted in the most modern, and the most foreign, of Jerusalem streets at the time. In this «great game» the Russians led with a formidable score, therefore we will devote a great amount of our time to the Russian Compound. Every other house at the Neviim street was occupied by French ambassadors, German archeologists, British doctors and Jewish poets. On this excursion you will be able to dive into the atmosphere of Jerusalem at the late 19th-early 20th centuries — to see, to feel, to hear and to taste; to inhale the aromas of the renascent Eternal City.

The first quarters of the new Jerusalem. At the 19th century the Eternal City had begun to wake from its half-a-century long slumber. Emerging from the tight cradle of the Old City walls, it began to grow by leaps and bounds. This was greatly magnified by the influence of the foreign powers, which started to establish themselves outside the city limits, and built elaborate centers for the pilgrims from their respective nations. The Russian Empire was leading this effort. Slowly, step by step, small, cozy neighborhoods were erected, all bearing the name of the Nakhlaot — the outside settlements — which in time turned into one of the most beautiful and romantic locations of the city. We will walk through them and learn of their history, become familiar with the different currents in Judaism (what unites or separates them) — you will have the chance to see, to feel, to hear and to taste; to inhale the aromas of the renascent Eternal City.

And when we are pretty tired and hungry, we will conclude our tour at the market, where the hospitable stall owners will have the doors to their shops wide open for us. We will breathe in the aromas of the freshly ground coffee, drink the mint fresh, thirst-quenching cold sorbet, taste Levantine cuisine, Mediterranean delicacies and oriental spices.

*Note: Transfer to the tour venue is not included in the price.