Event days: Saturday and Wednesday
Price: from $79

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Our Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Jericho, and Jordan River Tour is available twice every week starting from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, visiting four of the region’s most interesting destinations. We start the day with a glimpse at the new Bethlehem, passing through the famous Banksy hotel for a short photo stop (time permitting). After that, there will be a short visit to a local artisanal shop which will include a tea\coffee break and a presentation about the local crafts. After that we will continue to a guided tour of the Church of Nativity, followed by a short walk through the streets of the old city and a visit to the Milk Grotto. Leaving Bethlehem, you’ll descend to the lowest region on Earth, towards the city of Jericho, the oldest in the world. Ascend via cable car to marvel at the spectacular view of the lush oasis and enjoy a guided tour of the Mount of Temptations monastery. A short stop at the Gallery of Temptations will give you the opportunity to sample local dates, halva and other delicacies. Next, head to Qasr al Yahud Baptismal Site, where according to tradition, Jesus was baptized. Finally, visit the Dead Sea, where you’ll enjoy the facilities of the beach and have the opportunity to float in the waters, immerse in the muds, and enjoy the year round climate that makes this region so special. Our Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Jericho, and Tour is guided in Bethlehem, Jericho and the Baptism site, and is available twice every week from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Jericho and jordan river Tour highlights:

  • Pickup from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
  • Tour Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born, with its the Church of Nativity.
  • Short photo stop at the famous Banksy hotel (if time permits).
  • Short tea/coffee break at a local gift shop, including a presentation about the local crafts.
  • Drive through the Judean Desert, descending to the lowest point on Earth to Jericho.
  • Ascend the Mount of Temptations via cable car (fee not included, approx. $16 per person) and enjoy a guided tour of the monastery.
  • Explore the Jordan River at Qasr al Yahud Baptismal Site.
  • Float in the waters and immerse in the muds of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.
  • Return to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Tour itinerary:

06:30 – Pickup from Tel Aviv
07:45 – Pickup from Jerusalem
08:30 – Arrive to Bethlehem and meet your local guide, tour the city
12:00 – Jericho, ascend the Mount of Temptation
13:30 – Visit the Qasr al Yahud Baptismal Site on the Jordan river
14:30 – Dead Sea. Relax at the lowest point on earth, float in the waters, immerse in the muds.
17:30 – Arrive back in Jerusalem
18:30 – Arrive back in Tel Aviv

NB all timings are approximate

Tour price:

From $79 per person

The tour includes:
– transportation from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to all sites
– guiding in Bethlehem, Jericho, and Qasr al Yahud
– entrance to private beach at the Dead Sea

The tour does not include:
– Lunch and drinks,
– cable car in Jericho (approximately $16)
– tips to guide/driver
– travel insurance and other personal expenses.

– At the Church of Nativity, we cannot guarantee descending to the grotto of the nativity, due to the high number of people on some days.