Event days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Price: from $49

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Our Tel Aviv Urban Tour – Architecture, Food, and Street Art tour is a combination of history, culture, art, and food. The full-day walking tour is an immersive and authentic way to explore Tel Aviv and learn about the design and the people through Tel Aviv’s architecture, food, and street art.

Start the morning exploring the streets surrounding the famous Rothschild Boulevard and White City, learning about the large collection of Bauhaus buildings along with modernism, eclecticism and the ever-changing skyline of the city. Afterwards, walk towards the famous Shuk Hacarmel (Carmel Market) and go on a culinary food and tasting adventure for the senses. Continue to South Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood and learn about the stories told by the vibrant street art in the neighborhood. Tel Aviv’s street art has dynamic stories to tell often with political undertones and historical roots. Join others in a group walking tour through these three districts of the city each with their own unique vibe but all inherently Televivian.

Connecting the three main areas of the Market, Rothschild Boulevard and surrounding streets and the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentin our Tel Aviv Urban Tour covers the city’s architecture, food, and street art and is a unique and excellent way to see many parts of the city by foot in one exciting day.

If you have limited time, you can book single segments of this tour here: Tel Aviv Architecture Tour, Tel Aviv Food Tour (Carmel Market), Tel Aviv Street Art Tour.

tel Aviv Urban Tour – architecture, food and street art

  • Start the Tel Aviv Urban Tour from Tel Aviv.
  • Walk through Tel Aviv’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the White City, including the well-known Rothschild Boulevard and surrounding streets admiring the details and historical past of the buildings which are world-renowned.
  • Learn about the foundation of Tel Aviv just over 100 years ago by European migrants, and discover how their roots influenced the architecture and culture of the city to this day, including the Bauhaus, international, and eclectic buildings which are so iconic here.
  • Explore the colorful and vibrant Shuk HaCarmel (market), Tel Aviv’s main market-place, and discover the many international flavors and ingredients.
  • From the fresh olives to the spice market, fresh local cheeses and artisan bread, the market is filled with colors, flavors and many local ingredients and pastries such as halva, baklava, and other sweet delights. Fresh products and meat can be purchased along with a wide variety of local specialities.
  • Enjoy a sampling of authentic flavors, such as fresh Ghat and etrog juice with exotic and historical roots, Zaatar with Lahuh – a middle eastern herb blend with a soft Yemei fermented bread, Garinim – a mix of roasted seeds, a popular Israeli snack, Halva – a sweet confectionery made from sesame seeds, Dolmas – Druzian style rice wrapped in vine leaves and a seasonal market item. (Items are subject to change based on availability/seasonality).
  • Take in the rich history and cultural significance of Tel Aviv street art by exploring South Tel Aviv’s streets. Learn the stories behind the dynamic graffiti and street art in the area.
  • The Florentin neighborhood is Tel Aviv’s ‘Lower East Side’, home to the city’s creative class, and is home to many interesting venues and businesses.

Tour itinerary:

09:45 – Pick up from Tel Aviv (meeting point: Cafe 65 located at 65 Rothschild Boulevard in Hotel 65)
10:00 – Tel Aviv Architecture Tour
12:00 – Free time/transfer to start of food tour
12:30 – Tel Aviv Market Tour at Carmel Market
14:30 – Free time/transfer to start of the street art tour
15:00 – Tel Aviv Street Art Tour
17:00 – Tour ends in Tel Aviv

Tour price:

From $49 per person

The tour includes:
– Tel Aviv Urban Tour Price includes full day of guiding and information, food tastings

– When possible, we have collaborated directly with the local street artists to promote accurate information and support of their work. After the tour we will provide information of artists whose work has been seen on the tour providing social media information and where possible, opportunities to purchase work directly from the artists.