Living: Accommodation at an army training base (7 nights)
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

The full list of the military programs offered can be viewed here

Day 1.

Arrival at the Ben-Gurion International Airport. The day’s program depends on the arrival time. If the timeframe allows,
the following will be included:
Sightseeing tour:
Bethlehem. One of the most ancient temples of the Holy Land – Church of the Nativity, on the site of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Old City of Jerusalem, where history and modernity, people and religions are intertwined closely. Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Transfer to the training base. Dinner and overnight lodging.

Days 2-7.

Training according to the schedule. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the military base. Accommodation in army tents.
On Saturday (Sabbath) – a day off – joint trip to the Dead Sea.

Day 8.

Departure. Transfer to the Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Survival course program

The program is tailored to the customer needs, and is based on the Israeli, as well as international, experience.

The program provides the opportunity to acquire professional survival skills both in the everyday city life, out in the desert or forest wilderness, and in hostile territory.

Changes may be implemented into the program during its course, depending on the rate of learning, level of participants training and readiness and their ability to adapt to the team dynamics.

The course includes theoretical lectures as well as practical training exercises, which are brought as close as possible to the real-life situations. During the training sessions strict safety rules are set, overseen by a specially trained security officer.

The training center is located in the very heart of Israel. The campus specializes in training the army and the police, as well as a wide variety of professionals in the personal security field – bodyguards, etc. The program includes survival training in an urban environment, in the desert , in the countryside and hilly terrain, simulating real conditions anyone can face in real life. The team of professional instructors has extensive experience serving in the elite combat units of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in Gaza Strip, Lebanon and the West Bank, including vast experience in training special forces around the world. They are willing to share their personal experiences of warfare and survival.

Main topics of the course
Training takes place on the following topics:

  • Combat shooting:

    • Acquaintance with long guns and handguns – characteristics and attributes
    • Basic knowledge of the principles of shooting from long distance
    • Basics and principles of shooting from different weapons including in extreme conditions
    • Operating of weapons – training actions during failure of weapons, jams, misfire, overheating
    • Hitting close targets
    • Hitting long distance targets
    • Hitting targets from cover
    • Hitting targets from the car while driving and from the seat
    • Field combat training – surprise attacks, including crowd control and command
    • Close range combat (CQB in buildings)
    • Combat in open terrain
    • Night combat, night training, orientation and night attacks
    • Theoretical and practical training with M16, Micro Tavor, shotgun, sniper rifle, Desert Eagle .357, Magnum handgun, etc.
    • Paintball – combat simulator
  • Hand-to-hand combat:

    • Fighting techniques against a single opponent
    • Fighting techniques against multiple opponents
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent with a knife/li>
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent with improvised weapons (broken bottle, etc.)
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent with a baseball bat / baton / long arms
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent with an ax
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent with a rifle
    • Fighting techniques against multiple opponents with different weapons
    • Fighting techniques against an opponent in a car
  • Survival program (urban and rural areas, the desert):

    Survival in the Judean Desert:

    • Finding water in the desert
    • Water purification
    • Finding food
    • Construction of shelters, including hidden
    • Building a fire
    • Night navigation – by the stars/ map
    • The technique of boarding a helicopter

    Survival program in combat conditions, when you need to hide and survive in the desert, surrounded by hostile elements.

  • Survival program in a hostile rural/urban area:

    Training takes place in various locations, including Arab villages:

    • How to skillfully deceive the local population during the escape
    • How to deceive hostile dogs
    • Methods of blocking cars, doors, windows
    • Looking for a shelter
    • Looking for food
    • Looking for water
    • Water purification methods
    • Escaping burning buildings – to get closer to reality pyrotechnics and a smoke screen are used

    Survival program in combat conditions, when it is important to hide and survive in the rural / urban hostile environment

  • Explosives:

    Hot and cold explosives, with theoretical and practical training.

  • Driving in extreme conditions:

    • Principles and methods to overcome the various obstacles
    • Driving through the fire
    • Driving at night in total darkness, the navigation by the stars, the use of night vision goggles
  • First Aid

    Skills of conduct in emergency situations, the provision of first aid, including the withdrawal of the unconscious, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods (CPR) , methods to stop bleeding, to stop attacks and other life-threatening conditions.

    First aid for abdominal trauma, gunshot wounds, burns, compression injuries (including mechanically-induced).

    First aid for snake/spider/scorpion bites. First aid for electrical shock traumas, heat strokes, hypothermia, rescuing the drowning and more.

    The course includes accommodation on site, 3 meals daily, uniforms and equipment (except footwear and warm clothing)

    All participants are fully insured in case of unforeseen circumstances. A certificate of completion is awarded to each member at the end of the course.

A certificate from the doctor about the state of health on a special form.