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Description: We have received information, that a million dollars is hidden away in the mansion of a famous tycoon Rob Feller. You were chosen as the best of the best! Try to get a hold of his money and to escape before the police arrives! For this, you have only 60 minutes.

A game, where you and your team must escape a locked room in a limited timeframe.

  For one hour, you become a part of an exciting adventure, and immerse yourself completely into the atmosphere of the game.

  Be resourceful and smart, work as a team, think outside the box and pass all the trials of the SecretRoom.

  You will have to work hard to go through all the trials, since few manage to leave the room victorious.

All you need to know (FAQ)

  1. What is this, a computer game?
    No. Everything you do happens in real life. But you are correct that this game has crossed over into the real world from computer games.
  2. What will I have to do?
    You will find yourself in a locked room, where you and your team will face all our tests and trials; for this you will have just one hour. During the game you will not be required to use your physical force — just your mind, smarts and resourcefulness. We kindly ask that you leave all the unnecessary items at the lobby: mobile phones, photo cameras, screwdrivers, pocket knives etc.
  3. Isn’t this dangerous?
    Fear not. We have eliminated any possibility of damage or trauma during the quest. Every room is equipped with surveillance cameras, and our operators are ready to come to your aid in any substandard situation.
  4. How many people are allowed on the team?
    From 2 to 4 persons. Many riddles can be solved only by teamwork.
  5. What language will the game be in?
    We have prepared 3 different versions — for the Hebrew, English and Russian speakers, respectively.
  6. What if I fail to complete the game in one hour?
    We will let you out of the room in any case. Naturally, the game will be considered lost.
  7. What happens if I am late to my game?
    The game timetable is strictly divided between the teams, and we cannot adjust yours. Therefore, the amount of time which you have been late for will be deducted from your total game time

Cancellation conditions:
  • No refund is available in case of a no show or arriving late;
  • No refund is available in case of a cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of the game;
  • 50% refund is granted in case of a cancellation less than 48 hours before the start of the game.