Living: Netania (2n) – Galil (2n) – Jerusalem (3n) – Dead Sea (1n) – Eilat (3n)
Duration: Itinerary 11 n/ 12 days

Piligrim tour for protestants + rest at the Eilat

Day 1.

Arrival to Israel. Transfer to Netanya. Enjoing the beautiful medeterrenian beach.
Overnight Netanya.

Day 2.

We start our day with the visit to the excavation of the New Testamen Caesaria ( Acts 12). After that we will visit the ruins of the Crusaders Period Acco and talk about the influence of the Crusade on the history of Israel. We will also see Mt Carmel on the way and learn about the ministry of Elijah (1Kings17&18).
Overnight at Netaniya.

Day 3.

We will drive to Meggido that day and talk about the Armageddon of the New Testament (Rev 16:16). After that we will drive to Zipory – the ancient capitol of Galilee. After visiting Nazareth we will do a beautiful hike at Mt Arbel.
Overnight at the Sea of Galilee.

Day 4.

That day we will see the ancient city of Capernaum where Jesus lieved during his time in Galilee ( Math 4). We will see the place of the cerman on the mount (Math 5-7), the feeding of the 5 thousand and reconciliation with Peter ( John 21). We will take a boat ride and do a hike on the Golan Platou.
Overnight at the Sea of Galilee.

Day 5.

Today we will visit the Baptismal sight at the Jordan River and then we will continue to Beit Shean where we will talk about the Prodigal son. (Luke 15). After swim at Gan ha Shlosha we will continue to Qumeran to see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Jerusalem will be the last point on this day tour.
Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 6.

We will begin with the breath taking view of the city from the Mount of Olives. Then we will follow Jesus in His Palm Sunday walk. On the way we will visit the place where the Lord cried for the city (Luke 19) and get to the garden of Gethimany and the Grotto of betrayal. (John 18).
After lunch we will visit City of David and Yad Va Shem –the Holocaust Memorial.
Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 7.

Today we will visit the Temple Mount and see the physical setting of the Jewish Temple. After that we will come to the Pools of Bethesda and see where Jesus healed the paralytic (John 5). After that we will see the place of Pontius Pilatus at Antonia Fortress. ( John 19). We will follow Jesus on Via Dolorosa to Calvary. That day we will visit the Jewish Quarter with Western Wall and its Excavations and we will end our day with Communion at the Garden Tomb-protestant Calvary.
Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 8.

That day we will dedicate to the Dead Sea Area. We will drive by the road of the Patriarhs and see ancient Arad, visit Massada from the Roman Ramp side and then we will proceed to the Ein Boqeq resort area where we can relax at the Dead Sea.
Overnight Dead Sea

Day 9.

Relax at the dead Sea.
Overnight Eilat

Day 10.

Drive to the Read Sea. Arrival to Eilat. Optional possibility of visiting the Underwater Observatory.
Overnight Eilat

Day 11.

Relax at the Read Sea.
Overnight Eilat.

Day 12.

Departure to the airport.