Living: Jerusalem (2 nights) – Military Base (3 nights) – Tel-Aviv (2 nights)
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) enjoys one of the highest degrees of combat capability in the world. The IDF has vast experience in conducting modern warfare, utilizing the widest range of cutting edge weaponry available.
Many types of such weaponry and technology are produced domestically – in Israel, – such as: small arms, armored combat vehicles and personnel carriers (the “Merkava” main battle tank is considered among the best and crew-friendliest in the world), a considerable variety of aircraft, artillery, surface patrol boats, missiles of all kinds, EW equipment, unmanned vehicles, electronic and HMI systems.

Day 1. Arrival.

Arrival into the Ben-Gurion International Airport. Meeting with the representatives of the hosts.
Transfer to Jerusalem.
Dinner and lodging in Jerusalem.

Day 2. Jerusalem, Betlehem.

Betlehem. One of the most ancient temples of the Holy Land – Church of the Nativity on the site of the birth of Jesus Christ: Nativity Cave, Cave os St. Jerome, blessed miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Betlehem”. History and modernity, religions and peoples are closely intertwined in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Evening excursion of the Old City. The Christian Quarter: Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Jewish Quarter. The Cardo street – the central street of the city during the Roman Empire. The Wailing Wall (The West Wall). The Muslim Quarter: Temple Mount panorama, «Dome of the Rock» and the Al-Aqsa mosque (overview).
Dinner and lodging in Jerusalem.

Days 3-5. Military Base.

  1. Shooting of several types of weapons (modern automatic small arms M16, Tavor, Galil, AK47, Uzi, Mini Uzi , Micro Uzi). All types of handguns, currently in use by the armies of Israel, Europe and the USA. These include a few dozen models, among them Glocks 9 and 0.45, Berettas.
    Personal instructor. Personal attendant.
  2. Principles and kinds of anti-terror systems and tactics.
    A day course of counter-terrorism at a special site using dedicated Airsoft tactical gear (special forces training base and training methods). A personal instructor from the active anti-terror special forces’ unit. A full set of equipment on the customer’s choice. From handguns to machine guns to sniper rifles. A full set of equipment is provided for the training day, but purchasing a full NATO camouflage gear is also possible.
  3. Showcase demonstrations of the school leading instructors.
  4. Certification for participation in the program.
  5. Lectures on the fight terrorism in Israel.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the base. Accommodation in army tents.

Day 6. The Dead Sea.

The Judean Desert – the birthplace of Christianity, from ancient monasteries to modern cities. Unique nature healing resort – the Dead Sea, situated at 420 meters below sea level. Getting to know the unique features of the Dead Sea cosmetics.
Optional: visiting the Massada fortress by a cable car ascent will cost an additional $20 per person – Masada fortress is a symbol of heroism of the Jewish people during the Roman conquest of Judea. The fortress, built by king Herod the Great, where the defenders of it preferred death to defeat by the Romans. Recreation and swimming in equipped beach on the Dead Sea.
Dinner and lodging in Tel-Aviv.

Day 7. Tel-Aviv. Jaffa.

Old Jaffa (Joppa), where, as tradition holds it, Noah built his ark, and Perseus freed Andromeda. Stroll on small streets which still remember Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionhearted, and Napoleon. Here is where the pilgrimage route to Jerusalem begins. Tel-Aviv – cultural, economical and tourist center of Israel. The Diamond Exchange, one of the largest in the world. «From the adamant to the diamond» – a private museum, opened in memory of Baron Oppenheimer, the founder of the «De Beers» company. Visiting the exhibition hall, where sales consultants will help to choose and to buy jewelry, handcrafted by the word famous Israeli jewelers.
Afternoon – free time to explore and enjoy Tel-Aviv in all its glory.
Dinner and lodging in Tel-Aviv.

Day 8. Отъезд

Transfer to the Ben-Gurion International Airport.

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