Location: Tel-Aviv
Price: on request

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In this tour you will get the unique opportunity to “taste” Tel-Aviv. A city of smells and tastes entwined, where there is a whole host of markets and bazaars, grocery stores, cozy feel-at-home cafes and upscale restaurants.

We will begin our tour from the most famous of Tel-Aviv markets, Shuk ha-Carmel — The Carmel market — especially established for the sake of employing the immigrants from Russia on the eve of the 1917 Revolution. All possible, and indeed impossible, kinds of products can be found here – from the freshest assortment of picturesque butcher and fish shops to the widest imaginable variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, fresh from the gardens and orchards… Also there, among the busy marketplace bustle, we will find a quiet and cool area to relax and refresh with a cup of a freshly roast and ground coffee with oriental sweets.

After a stroll in the market, and having seen, heard and tasted everything that we possibly could, we shall pass on to one of Tel-Aviv’s first quarters — Qerem ha-Teymanim (meaning the “Yemenite vineyard”), where we will visit a traditional “hummusia”, a hummus restaurant, where the time itself, it seems, had come to a stop somewhere at the end of the 19th century. Hospitable hosts will reveal the secrets of preparing the “best in the world” hummus, and we will debate this unique foods’ features and useful properties.

Further up, our path lies through the ancient Jaffa, where we will continue our tour, not deviating a step from its culinary spirit…

We will become familiar with the history of some of the most popular (even cult) food establishments (the oldest bakery in town, a cafe, where for many years a rich breakfast is being served very successfully), and will then continue our stroll down the picturesque streets of the old Jaffa. We will hear a multitude of stories and legends, enveloping the cities throughout the millennia… After making a wish (which will undoubtedly come true), we will walk through the art galleries dotting the Jaffa cityscape, visit a small shop dealing in a unique pomegranate and many other types of wine, and will have the opportunity to rest at the Yemenite culture Museum, where, in addition to the other traditional crafts, the mysteries of the Yemenite cuisine are also presented.

At the end of our program we will arrive at the recently renovated Sarona quarter — a “German colony”, — built by the German Templers. After acquainting ourselves with the history of the quarter (along with the first press for olive oil manufacturing), we will conclude this eventful day at the most prestigious, luxurious and modern market of Tel-Aviv — the Sarona Market, where a selection of the most fashionable and high-quality products and related accessories are presented. There we will have the chance to taste fresh oysters, organic goat cheeses, the best Italian ice cream and of course — the famous Israeli wines! All that and much, much more…